At Keep Being Resilient, we know about the struggles that veterans, military, and Gold Star families endure. We understand those sleepless nights, misplacing things, confusion, and grief. It is our mission to help ease those struggles for you and your family by offering supportive programs and resource guidance! We recognize the importance of having all your tools in one spot. That's what we're developing and will soon launch: Mentorship and Development Programs as well as Resource Guidance from real people who understand.

This website is a new adventure for us, and we are very excited to have some really great partnerships developing around every corner. We offer programs and resources, as well as new skills to add to your survival belt! Start your Journey Journal and watch your measurement as you complete tasks!

The first step starts by reaching out! Our experienced team of volunteers is eager to start a relationship with you and your family. We recognize that this is a whole family experience and offer these resources to your family members.

We will soon offer two programs! Mentorship and Development will be measured programs that will bring success stories to your life!!

Mentorship teams are there to offer guidance to your own self by providing skills to help you find a pathway for your family and your life! Connections like these help build a plan for you and help you focus on your desires, strengths, and inner strength.

We hope you'll find something for everyone in your family with Keep Being Resilient, and we are always accepting information on other support sites!

Thank you!

Support Gold Star Families Of America

Support Gold Star Families with your donations by providing enriching programs and events to build a resilient communities after loss and grief.


Gold Star families were the initial reasons behind this great group. But then, people who don't fit under that umbrella began popping up like crazy. 

Sure, they've been there the whole time, but you don't see it truly, not until they reach out and touch your life. 

It's never in the handbooks they hand out when you're joining. Support and Skills aren't issued; you have to look for them.

That's exactly why we've begun developing this great organization! Because I want to love what I do. I've been volunteering for more than ten years with various Veteran/Military/Community organizations. My time here at JBLM has given me many opportunities to grow and develop towards creating this group! 

What we're looking for are people who show extraordinary leadership and development in their own lives. This group is led by strong leaders and a group of people with the can-do spirit! 

 Being a nonprofit volunteer helps direct our focus to help and reach out to as many service members as possible, veterans, their families, and all Gold Star family members. (To include parents, siblings, children, and spouses).

With my executive experience in sales and marketing and the support my family has given me, with more than a decade of organizing events, sitting on boards, and helping with Army Unit events.


Veterans, Military, Gold Star Family Resources, & Programs. We love our families, and we have a wonderful team of volunteers waiting to offer our support, so feel free to contact us anytime.