Meet Our Founders

At The Resiliency Plan LLC, our story began with a passion for helping businesses and professionals succeed. Our founders saw a need for personalized, results-driven coaching services and set out to create a company that would meet that need. Today, we continue to uphold that same passion and commitment to excellence.

About The Resiliency Plan LLC

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Morhia’s Story

Morhia Mote's personal experiences have given her the knowledge and ability to empathize with people from all walks of life. Her personal life experiences range from overcoming the loss of her son to cancer during COVID-19, becoming a military Gold Star mother, and the challenges of being an Army spouse. Morhia is now more determined than ever to help others overcome their struggles.

Morhia is a strong executive leader in all that she touches. She believes we should honor and respect everyone and highlight our authentic selves. She knows that if we learn to balance our rhythms, we can recode the brain and heart. Morhia has mastered this through many years of operating significant-scale events in hospitality, rebranding, major remodeling, and new construction projects. She has even served as the supervisor of the Washington Tacoma Dome, an event space managing up to 24,000 people at a time for concerts, raves, sporting events, monster trucks, and so much more.

Morhia is passionate about sharing her journey and helping others reinvent their lives, whether in large audiences or small group settings. Whether you have gone through similar life challenges or want to equip yourself with all the necessary tools to be ready for whatever may come your way, Morhia will help you live an intentional, authentic, and resilient life. Cheers to taking your first step towards a mindset shift where you are in control.

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Zach’s Story

Zach Mote’s life experiences have taught him that while there is wonder and mystery in the world, there is also pain and struggle. Experiencing struggle and loss has been difficult and transformative, but it has also led to growth and a greater empathy for others. Zach has proudly served in the US Army for over a decade. During his service, he has deployed multiple times to various countries and attended military services for many fallen comrades. He nearly lost his wife due to severe medical complications, and in May 2021, he became a Gold Star Family member due to the passing of his son, who also proudly served in the US Army. Zach is passionate and determined to live life with purpose. He drives that purpose by sharing his story to help others face life’s difficulties and learn to overcome their challenges. Whether you have experienced similar life challenges or want to equip yourself with the necessary tools and strategies to weather the storms of life, Zach will help you live an intentional, authentic, and resilient life. Cheers to taking your first step toward a mindset shift where you are in control.

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Our Expertise

At The Resiliency Plan LLC, we have more than twenty years of experience in the consulting and coaching industry. We specialize in providing top-notch services in mindset shift, strategy, and communication. Our expertise can help take you to the next level.

Our Executive Coaching Team

Our team at The Resiliency Plan LLC, is made up of highly skilled professionals with diverse backgrounds. We work together to provide our clients with tailored solutions that meet their unique needs. Meet our team and learn more about our individual areas of expertise.

Our Approach

At The Resiliency Plan LLC, we take a holistic approach to coaching. We work closely with our clients to understand their goals and challenges and develop solutions that address their specific needs. Our approach is collaborative, transparent, and results-driven.