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Resiliency Building

Learn the basics about the Heart Rate Variable, Biofeedback, Stress and Well-Being, Managing Stress, stopping Energy Drains! 


Mesothelioma and Veterans

Types of Veterans Benefits for Mesothelioma
How to File a VA Claim and Other Veterans Benefits

How to File a VA Claim and Other Veterans Benefits
Munz, A. (2022, November 18). Mesothelioma & Veterans. Retrieved November 23, 2022, from


Wounded Warriors/Military/Veterans/Gold Star Wives/Gold Star Mother’s Glamping & Hunting retreats

The Special Liberty Project

TAPS Resources and Services

TAPS offers a lot of resources and services. Be sure to follow up on the services they provide! 

Gold Star and Surviving Families Resources

Looking for more resources?

Caregiver to Survivor

Caregiver to Survivor resources begin here.

Suicide Loss Support

Need to find connection and support?

Managing Stress Toolkit- Cigna

Do you often wonder where the handbook is for tools to get through tough times? For helpful tools to add to your tool kit research some options that may be useful for you and your family.

Counseling and Referral Services

More information to what they offer: psychological counseling in Northern California to family members of military personnel who are serving, preparing to serve, or have served in Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom. We also provide information and referral services for those living outside Northern California. If you are a spouse, partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, child or teenager, sibling, parent, grandparent or other extended family member of a soldier, you are eligible. "- Referral services may be limited to California…? Let me know us Know if you find out so we can update our site! Thank you 

Women Veteran Services

Our services are available to women Veterans from all service eras, branches, and discharge statuses.

Help for our Heroes - Veterans and First Responders

Help For Our Heroes

Transformations at Mending Fences offers residential & PHP treatment programs for veterans and first responders struggling with primary mental health, trauma, PTSD, addiction, depression, and co-occurring disorders.
This program is designed BY veterans and first responders FOR veterans and first responders struggling with primary mental health, trauma, PTSD, addiction, depression, and co-occurring disorders.

Homecoming 4 Veterans - OEF/OIF veterans

This site offers a list of biofeedback practitioners who are willing to offer FREE biofeedback to OEF/OIF veterans for a minimum of 20 sessions.  Click on "find a clinician" to access help in your area.

Misc. Mental Health Resources

Links to various Resources for Military/Veterans and family.


Tons of resources from housing to education! Great links to many more resources! 


Veterans & Military Mentorhship Programs

Mentorship is one such tool that active members and veterans alike can use to move toward their professional goals and make the transition process go more smoothly.

Here are seven resources that help military members connect with mentorship opportunities during their career transitions.

Gold Star Family Resources

Resources designed by A Gold Star Spouse and mother of two! She's put together a great list.

Grunt Style Foundation

Grunt Style Foundation is proud to partner with Burn Pits 360 Veterans Organization to deliver 12 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chambers to 12 veterans that will benefit from this life-changing treatment this year.  We will deliver one unit per month in 2022 to veterans in our community that has been under-served by the Veterans Administration. 

Veterans who have undergone HBOT have shown improvements in memory, attention, anxiety, depression (including a reduction in suicidal thoughts), PTSD symptoms, intelligence quotient, and more. They also reduce their usage of psychoactive medication.

American Warrior Initiative - Home Buyers

Dogs for Veterans and American Warrior Initiative Class for Real Estate Professionals! Blogs to stories that make your heart warm and your eyes leak. Partnered with many organizations that provide and train your service animal while carefully partnering each participant. 

Heartmath - Heart-Centered Practices

Looking to trigger the parasympathetic nervous system to bring clear thinking and a calm presence? Look no further, you've found Heartmath! These skills will help you find peace and comfort. Check it out!

The Benefits of Breathing

When we are under stress — whether running from a predator or dealing with a particularly frustrating email — the brain turns on the sympathetic nervous system (SNS), which governs the flight, fight, or freeze response. You'll notice the activation of your SNS if you have shallow breathing, tense shoulders, increased blood pressure, or an upset stomach.

Our best successes come from being prepared!

Here at KeepBeingResilient we recognize the deep grief and trauma that you and your family are going through. We've taken the time to learn how and where to find these tools so you can Keep Being Resilient!


Want to know the secret to journaling? Start with small steps!

Yep, it's true! Take two minutes to write down a few things. If you want to continue, great! Want to put the pen down? Sure, why not.

We may find some great resources to link here, but so far, not much for free. However, at Keep Being Resilient we have some helpful ideas!

The Gratitude Journal - Write down something that didn't go right for you. Then, write 10 reasons you feel grateful for it. Tip: Don't use the worst thing that's happened to you. Somewhere around a 4 on the 1-10 model.

The Goal Journal - Yep, write down a few personal goals and a few professional goals. See if there's small steps you can take towards those goals. Keeping a journal could count as a goal! Watch your progress as you begin making your daily entries.
Tip: Record your daily accomplishments so you can measure your success!

The Values Journal - What are your core values in your life/work?
Are you living and working with integrity right now?

The Curiosity Journal - What makes you curious? Curiosity is associated with problem solving skills and higher intelligence.

Our take and we hope yours too, is that journaling allows you to track your progress. Journaling helps clear your mind and propels you towards your goals!
Bring clarity and vision to your life! 

Salute Heroes - Too many Resources to list!

This incredible website has too many services for me to begin listing! You've got to check it out for yourself! Remember, at Keep Being Resilient we're here to help guide you through the research process! Your soldier has a name, and we honor your stories! 

Anger and Irritability Veterans Resource

Irritability Resource for Veterans 

Need Guidance - Resource Help - More Information

The Resiliency Plan LLC

Veterans, Military, Gold Star family Resources, & Programs. We love our families and we have a wonderful team of volunteers waiting to offer our support, so feel free to contact us anytime. 


A logo of a tree with the words " keep being resilient " underneath it.

Ted Talk - HeartMath - Heart Rate Variable

Learn Bout the basics of Heart Rate Variable, Stress Management, Coherent Mind